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As a previously signed Sony Music Entertainment Singer-Songwriter and a Clinical Health Psychology Masters Graduate, I am both qualified in the field of psychology and have experienced firsthand the profound impact that music can have on our emotions, well-being, and mental health. Music has the ability to uplift our spirits, provide solace in difficult times, and connect us on a deep emotional level. However, behind the glamour of the music industry lies a pressing issue: the mental health challenges faced by musicians and industry professionals. Supporting mental health in the music industry is not only an ethical imperative but also a strategic investment in the well-being and success of musicians and industry professionals. By fostering a culture of compassion, understanding, and support, we can create an environment where individuals feel safe to express their emotions, seek help when needed, and flourish both personally and professionally. With this aim, my passion and skills have allowed me to create an initiate whereby I strive to harmonise mental health in music and create a future where well-being takes centre stage.

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