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i had you “Waiting for Love” <3

Hello Frew Crew!

I had you “Waiting for Love” but the wait is over!

My brand new single is OUT NOW!

After the release of my debut album through Sony Music Entertainment worldwide, my last single “Free” being nominated for a SAMA award, and performing at some of the biggest music festivals in the world, including Coachella Music Festival, I decided to take time to focus on writing and creating my next body of work. With that being said, it’s finally time to start sharing!

“Waiting for Love” is wrapped in pop vocals and an earthy feel, with organic elements that are driven by acoustic guitar and African drums. I wrote it after a night out that left me with a whimsical feeling of falling in love with a stranger. Hazy memories, trying to act cool and keep composure, while getting lost on an emotional rollercoaster.

“Waiting for Love” is officially available on your favourite online platform, so please start listening, loving, downloading and sharing:

Let me know your thoughts!



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